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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by BobR, Sep 27, 2013.

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    Does anyone know if the Ole Miss NROTC unit has a policy of not allowing non-scholarship students to continue in Advanced Standing through their junior and senior years to completion and commissioning? At this time, they only have one non-scholarship Midshipman in Advanced Standing.
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    The cadre at the university does not make the final decision regarding Advanced Standing. As an NROTC midshipman you submit an application to be considered for Advanced Standing. Evaluations/recommendations from the PNS (at least), and probably the MOI as well, are included as part of the application. The decision on who gets advanced standing is made by a national board. At least that's how I understand the process. It certainly is the process followed at my DS's unit and I do know several midshipmen who were awarded advanced standing this year.

    So my surmise is that only 1 college programmer midshipman at that unit was competitive for advanced standing. That may or may not indicate anything about the quality of the unit itself.

    EDIT: It's quite possible that midshipmen who did not receive a scholarship decided continuing to advanced standing was therefore not worth the effort. There are many reasons why only 1 midshipman is on advanced standing.

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