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    This is a question regarding NROTC at the Citadel.

    After researching the engineering majors offered at the Citadel, I found that they only offer civil and electrical engineering. I want to pursue a commission in either the USCG or USN. Specifically, what would Naval officers do with a civil engineering degree? Would they be limited to SeaBee units or would some of them have underway duties aboard ships? Similarly, what would a USCG officer do with a civil engineering degree if I was to apply for the direct commissioning program?

    Thank you
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    In general what you study in college has nothing to do with what you do as an officer in the military. There is no correlation. There are obvious exceptions, like Nursing. The chances of using a civil engineering degree in a seaborne service are rather limited but perhaps not non-existant.
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    Medical and JAG are the exceptions to your education being relevant to your assignment as an officer. Otherwise your degree doesn't all. Zip. Nada. Nothing.
    However, a technical degree is still relevant to the duties of an officer in a technical seagoing service. That's why it's easier to receive an NROTC scholarship if you declare desire of being an engineering major. Just don't expect to be doing much time wearing a hard hat or being behind a drafting table once you commission.

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