Nrotc aviation selection?

Discussion in 'ROTC' started by Swampertness, May 25, 2015.

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    I heard nrotc students in certain colleges have an extremely high chance of selecting aviation. For example I heard embry riddle students have a 100% chance of getting into aviation if they were physically fit. Is this true and if it is, what schools allow more students to get selected for aviation? Does penn state have the same circumstances? Have you heard anything about penn states nrotc program?
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    The most important factor in aviation selection is IMO probably the ASTB scores followed by GPA. Your major is not that important. As far as some schools having a higher selection rate I have not heard that. About 28% of all mids from nrotc get into aviation, the same as the academy.
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    ERAU doesn't get special preference for NROTC aviation selection. If anything, their numbers might be higher because most people get what they want or close to it and (surprise) people at an aviation school want to be aviators. Also, don't go to ERAU.
    Do well on the ASTB. Study hard in school. Don't be fat or a jerk. I'm not NROTC, but traditionally those are the key ingredients for success at getting into aviation.
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    ERAU students and anyone else gets points for having a certain amount of flight hours or having a private pilot's License. All things being equal that does help. Some schools do have a higher % get slots but it is not because of the school. It is because their detachment members are above the average individually and have higher point totals. Some schools take things more seriously than others. I know of one school where by mid 200 year you pretty much know you chances of getting what you want. They are honest with those whose expectations don't match their performance and many drop. That means when selections come around they have a pretty high % of slots the individuals want. Some schools keep larger detachments but many are disappointed when selections come.
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    I don't know if ERAU NROTC says the same thing as they are known to tell AFROTC cadets may leave candidates with that idea.

    ERAU AFROTC has been known to tell them that after USAFA ERAU gives out the highest number of pilot slots. Now this may be true, but that doesn't mean it is the highest chance of getting a slot, it is just purely numbers. Since their unit is so large compared to others, of course they will have the most, but from a stat/chance perspective it is the typically the same as it is nationally.
    ~ Actually for my DSs (AFROTC) ERAU was lower than the national avg by @5%, but still could hold true to the statement that they had the 2nd most in the nation awarded.

    Just saying be careful what they say is the same thing as what you hear.

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