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    Could someone please explain how the NROTC College Program works? How does one enter the NROTC College Program? Other than the fact that Midshipmen do not recieve a four-year scholarship, how does the NROTC College Program differ than the NROTC Scholarship Program? Do Midshipmen in the College Program go through the same training as Midshipmen in the Scholarship Program? Thank you.
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    To enroll you should contact the unit at your college this spring. When you sign up for classes you sign up for Navy 101 and Navy Lab. Signing up for the Lab is actually what will trigger the enrollment, but best to check with unit. They'll send you some paperwork including forms for a physical etc. They will also send you information on when to report for freshman orientation, what to bring, etc.

    Training for a college programmer is the same except you do not get to do the summer cruises. You'll be issued all uniforms and equipment along with your texts etc. You'll be treated no differently than a scholarship midshipman.

    You must achieve Advanced Standing (contract) your rising junior year or you're dropped from the program. Once on Advanced Standing you'll receive the stipend.

    Arrive at freshman O physically fit and ready to go. It's generally only 5 days but they are very tough days. DS's unit had 9 kids drop, including some scholarship holders, during freshman O.

    Good luck! :thumb:

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