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Dec 24, 2015
I have 3 DQ's on the table (all were wavered by USNA- and I am still on the WL). I accepted the NROTC scholarship and the portal was updated and moved instantly to "Pending Waiver Review" w/ NROTC review board. I am just wondering if I should be the "squeaky wheel" or if the prior information I submitted will be enough to move the process along as I read that it could take upwards of 2 months.
Waivers are granted by the commissioning source. Although USNA granted you waivers, NROTC doesn't necessarily have to do so. So NROTC, at some point, got around to setting up a DoDMERB physical and found you had already had one for USNA and that you were DQed. So now they will make their determination as to whether they will grant a waiver. NROTC could be under different numeric limitations on how many waivers they can grant for specific conditions or as totals. They may or may not be able to grant a waiver. Chances are they will, but I want to make sure you realize there is no guarantee.

I don't think there is anything for you to do until they reach out. They know the deadlines they are working against. As long as it happens before the end of your first semester you should be fine... so two months won't be a problem. Patience is the order of the day.
DoDMERB is not the waiver authority so bugging them has no impact of your waiver progress.
All you can do is respond promptly to any requests they make.
NROTC has selected you so if they can waive you they will, but if they can't, they can't.
FYSA, the waiver authority for NROTC aims to have decisions made on pending waiver requests within 4-6 weeks of receiving them.