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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by jonescm8, Jul 29, 2012.

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    I'm not to sure if this should go here or DODMERB but I have a Navy Scholarship and will be reporting to Miami University on Aug 12th for NROTC orientation, I've recently been injured playing softball, nothing to serious just a hip flexor sprain, but I'm now in physical therapy, do I need to report this to the officer in charge at the school, or to DODMERB or anyone? Or is it no big deal since I should be healed before I leave? Any comments would be very helpful! :)
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    I’m in somewhat of the same predicament, while on a daily run I was crossing a creek a little too fast, fell and hit my right knee on a rock pretty hard. Long story short, got home and iced on and off for a few hours. It took me off my daily routine for a few days, and I missed a 10k race the next week. I haven’t seen a doctor about it though, thinking the same thing about its effect on ROTC. It seems as though it will be fine by the time ROTC starts so it’s almost like it never happened.
    This sounds the same as the situation you are in; I feel that if it isn’t going to be a problem at all when you start, you don’t need to report it too far up the ladder. I mentioned it to the PMS of my school and he didn’t seem too worried, as long as it was completely clear by the time I got out there. His rule of thumb that he told me was if it doesn’t sideline you from the PT test, in my case the run, then nothing else needs to be done. If I can’t pass the run, then paperwork would be needed for a waiver, and so on. As for DoDMERB, I have no clue.
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    Report it to your unit, follow their guidance. Rule of thumb is if it requires long term medical attention, than you report it. Depending on how many PT visits you must attend, it could be in that category. Your unit should know if it is in that cat. A quick phone call to unit is all you need to find your answer.

    Again, the difference between your injury and Jkaz is the fact that you are currently under medical care, which typically may require DoDMERB being informed. It is not something I would worry about from a scholarship revocation perspective, they are just going to place it in your medical history.

    You also want to inform the unit because if you are still under care you shouldn't be a hero and do PT, but to not do PT you need a medical cause. Taking that PT test could do more harm than any good that may come out of it. Even without re-injuring your body, your PFT will be lower than your typical score. This is not how you want to start the yr. The cadre will discuss why it is low and you will than explain you are injured. Think about what the next conversation/discussion will be? Hint: Why did you not inform us of the injury? Can't say in honesty you didn't know when on this site you have already questioned what you should do.

    Finally, the scholarship application process will not be your last DoDMERB exam. Prior to commissioning you will take another exam, this issue will arise again. JMPO, better to have it on the table now than 4 yrs from now.

    Remember, every medical issue is unique, don't think because someone else had something similar it will be the same for you. Not trying to offend Jkaz, but he is not under medical care, nor ever went to a doc, that means the similarity ended the minute you went to a doc and was referred to PT.

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