NROTC Instructors and USNA


Feb 8, 2019
Hello, I am a college reapplicant for USNA ‘24 and was wondering how do NROTC Instructors generally feel about a midshipman in NROTC reapplying to USNA and maybe asking them to conduct the CFA for them or write an NROTC nomination form for them? Should I avoid getting the NROTC nomination from them and get a coach to administer the CFA to avoid turmoil but then I would have to let them know anyway if I do receive an appointment. I just need some advice about how to go about it. When is the ideal time to let them know?
Be a standout NROTC Midshipman from the start - maximum effort, volunteer for the unfun stuff, strong academic performer, PFT performer, no military performance issues.

Be upfront. You can talk with your chain of command about your desire to serve as a Navy Officer and that you are pleased and proud to be in the Seabat NROTC unit. But - you are still considering the USNA path, and while committed 100% to being a worthy Seabat, you wanted to be completely transparent about your current thought process.

Don’t do this on Day One. Get to know the unit, perform, perform, perform, build your reputation for being a hard worker.

Do not leave any potential nom sources unrequested. There is no good business case for that.

The unit staff will not be surprised.

Be open to the journey. You may find you have fallen into your perfect path to a commission and wonder why you would want to leave it.
@Navyhopeful23, @Capt MJ is absolutely correct in her advise. Our DS is basically doing the same thing (College Applicant, did not apply out of HS), is doing NROTC as a "programmer" this year and is looking forward to it. He wants to attend USNA or USCGA ultimately, but is in a good place at his University and in his major, and he understands NROTC gets him to the same result (abet the Ring) without having to give back the college courses he has already earned and will earn this year. His NROTC Cadre have been fantastic so far and our advice to him has been the same as what @Capt MJ says above. USNA can be your goal or dream, but NROTC can be a godsend and get to the the same place as USNA, and even get you a full scholarship if you follow Capt. MJ's advice. Be honest with NROTC, they have seen students every year that enter NROTC, but still try for USNA. Take college courses that challenge you, and be the best NROTC Midshipman you can be and things will likely work out one way or the other and you will find yourself an Ensign in the US Navy, which hopefully is your final goal anyway..:) I will say IMHO it takes a special young person to be willing to give up years of Post-Secondary education to follow their heart and go to a SA, so good luck!!

We never thought DS would do this. He will be giving up 70 College credits and starting over if he gets appointed to one of the SA's for 2024. If you are doing something similar...then my hat is off to you, you are someone special and hopefully you get what you want!
my DS followed this path and entered USNA after freshman year in NROTC.

as stated above, don't notify your unit that you want to leave right away. rather, focus on being the strongest mid you can, gain whatever leadership opportunity you can , and try to get involved in some intramural sports or other activities

The recommendation for NROTC nomination is normally done by the CO, not one of the instructors, and you certainly want to pursue that. But you don't need to start chasing that till closer to Thanksgiving. By that time, you will have hopefully earned a good reputation and they will want to support you.

The other thing to think about is that you don't need to rush the application. USNA won't look at it until your first semester transcript is available, and that might not be until early January. Take your time writing your essay and incorporate your experiences during the semester, and with the benefit of that, why you feel strongly that USNA is a better fit for you than NROTC.

best of luck
... but don't neglect the MOC nominations. You'll need to work to their deadlines whether you've spoken to the PNS or not.
Agree with A6E Dad above. As a BGO and as MidDad of a NROTC scholarship Mid who reapplied to USNA and received his appointment two years ago, I can tell you that you absolutely want to inform your CO that you are re-applying to USNA. First, this is a professional courtesy. Second, you need the CO's nomination to USNA. If you do not ask your CO for a nomination and you re-apply "under the radar," you are making a big mistake. (This was sound advice offered by my son's BGO on his second app - which turned out to be 100% correct). And don't wait to be "Selected" by the CO. Make your intentions known clearly and professionally.

In the meantime, you better make sure that you are squared-away and truly worthy of the CO's nomination. You will also need to be getting A's in all your first semester courses, especially Calculus and Chemistry, as well as all your Naval Science courses. You may catch hell from the other Mids and instructors who may question your loyalty to the unit. But don't let that deter you in any way. Don't give up the ship!
I have had some LT advisers who were USNA graduates. If you are lucky enough to have one in your unit, they definitely are a help as well.