NROTC ISR Interview


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Oct 26, 2016
Hi I was recently contacted by my Scholarship Coordinator and they told me that I had an ISR Interview coming up. For those that have gone through the ISR interview before, is it anything like the first Officer Interview? Is there anything different that I personally have to do/bring before I enter the interview? Thank you in advance for your responses.

No. It is very similar to the interview with your local CO. Relax it is no different. Be yourself. In most cases they interview 13 to 14 kids for 8 to 9 spots. If selected they may ask you to sign on right away [they give 2 to 3 days to accept the scholarship] or some times it may take a month or so before they let you know. Normally regular scholarships are decided in the board but ISR they are allowed offer the scholarhsip outside of the board.

Strangely when my son was interviewed for ISR they told him they will let us know after all interviews were completed. And they never did. The regional contact said yeah you got it but it has to go through the board [well it is not supposed to] and he got his scholarship after the board. So we assumed it was not an ISR. He is now in college and his faculty advisor told him that apparently he did get the ISR [it is in his file]!!!

So you may know the results right away of it may take a month or more.

Good luck.
If your first interview was good enough to get you to an ISR interview you must have done something right. Continue to be confident, look sharp and be yourself. You will do well. Best of Luck.