NROTC Marine Option Board Results


Jan 24, 2016
Has anyone heard back about whether or not they received the 4 year scholarship? I'm trying to figure out if I will hear back in time before the Feb board so I know if I should retake my PFT.
Several years ago now, we heard back in time and were invited to updated the application in the interim, including the PFT. May be different now and could also vary by district I suppose.
Fall board results have been out for a little while now. Spring board results wont be about for another few months.
My portal still stays
Your application is at the Marine Corps District for Board Selection
After doing some reading online I believe it varies by district, just like kinnem said. Does anyone know what the different districts are for NROTC Marine Option? I live in MD so I'm guessing I'm grouped with a couple states around me.