NROTC Marine Option Scholarship


Mar 5, 2017
I'm in the 1st Marine Corps Recruiting District, and the main selection board for the NROTC Marine Option Scholarship occurred on February 14th. Anybody know when any form of results will begin to be released?
Ohhh Okk. Are you applying for it as well?

I appled for the navy option, but am strongly considering a switch on campus if I do get the scholarship. My Dad is old-school Asian and doesn't like that I want to be military so badly; we compromised and decided that I could apply for Navy and AF only, but if I end up loving the Corps option I'll switch with or without his support.
My son is 1st district also. Although we haven't heard anything on a scholarship, he was contacted by DODMERB to make physical and eye appointments in mid Feb.He had his appointments last week, Now he is just waiting to hear on the scholarship.
Keep in mind that generally, people do not here from DoDMERB until a scholarship is actually awarded. Exceptions are usually to take advantage of slack in the system.
Both , he wasn't awarded one on the early board , so he boards again.
My 21 year old heard about his scholarship late March early April when he was awarded his.
Both , he wasn't awarded one on the early board , so he boards again. your DS has not received the scholarship but has begun the DoDMERB process? Did he also apply to one of the academies?
No, I'm scared now that I didn't get it.
Again, it is very unusual for someone to be sent to DoDMERB prior to receiving a scholarship. It's just to use up slack in the system. Don't panic or worry. It's a waste of time and energy. You're still in the running.