NROTC - Marine Option - Selection Board Question


Oct 17, 2019
My DS's application is complete and will be reviewed by the 1st Board. I understand the Board dates are Nov 5-8. Can someone shed some light on how the actual selections are made? Are each of the Districts allotted a certain number of scholarships based on number of applicants/population? Is there any data out there that shows the number of awarded scholarships per District? Does the District make the actual selection for the Scholarships or is it done on a national level? Lastly, based on the previous posts I have read, it seems like the candidates would be notified in early December if selected for a scholarship.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.
Hi--Curious to know where you received knowledge of the MO selection boards? My DS just completed his app, and has been having a very hard time connecting with local Marine Corp officer in order to answer questions and facilitate next steps.
Hi--Curious to know where you received knowledge of the MO selection boards? My DS just completed his app, and has been having a very hard time connecting with local Marine Corp officer in order to answer questions and facilitate next steps.
DD applied for NROTC MO last year. If I remember correctly her contact reached out to her, after she started the application in early September, to set up interviews and fitness test. Last year MO had 2(?) selection boards. In order to be eligible for the 1st, everything (application, test scores, transcripts, interview and fitness- I may be missing something) but medical clearance had to be submitted by an early deadline sometime in October. If you didnt make that date, you were considered for next board. Not that it's helpful to you, but maybe that is why they are not urgently getting back to your son. At this point his due date for 2nd boards is not for a while.

She was notified 2nd or 3rd week of December that it was awarded, but it took longer to find out the school it was awarded to.

Sorry I'm not more helpful...last year already seems like a blur.
MegND95 - MY DS got an email from his assigned coordinator/recruiter once he started the application. My DS completed his application the beginning of August. Once his application was complete, he was contacted by the coordinator again to schedule his PFT and interview. He had his PFT and interview completed by the end of August. So it sounds like you have the application finished, but are waiting on the contact to schedule the PFT and interview? Is that correct?
Sorry not sure I answered your actual question. My DS was told that he needed his application packet, including PFT and Interview finished by the end of October (Oct 25 I think). We were told that the 1st Board for his district is Nov5-8. Those dates may be different depending on what district you are in.
He has the app completed and he submitted it over the weekend. However he has been trying to connect with the local Marine LT whose contact info was shared with him when he started the app a few months ago. Her name is also listed on the cover page of his printed, completed app. He has emailed, called and left messages over the last 6 weeks and she has not responded. I don't know what the correct protocol is when the local rep in non-responsive. Our next step is to reach out to the units at the schools where he has submitted apps and see if they can help.
@MegND95 - historically, the completion of the application will trigger two things: Letter of Recommendations instructions sent to the contacts listed and contact from the local Officer Selection Officer (OSO) - or their staff - to schedule an interview and PFT. Contacting the OSO ahead of time may not be successful simply based on the timing - they are processing those applications that have already been completed and likely gearing up for the board. If I read your post correctly, it has only been 3 work days since the application was electronically submitted - you have to give the process some time to take place. I really don't see this as a "non-responsive" situation.

Also, contacting the Marine Officer Instructor (MOI) at a University will not likely yield anything further. They are completely out of the loop at this point. Different chain-of-command, different missions.

If you really want to push it, you can search Google to find which Recruiting District you fall under and work the phones to find someone on the OSO staff to call. At this point, I don't recommend that but after a reasonable time (2 weeks?) that might be suitable.

There is still plenty of time in this year's scholarship cycle to get everything done and in-front of the second board.
@MegND95, @EEBTTF and others - there is a great article on this entire process written by a Marine who sat on the boards. I don't have time to search right now but I believe it was originally posted by @rocatlin and has since been posted many times.
That's it @kinnem ! Thanks for dredging it up. Helps to pull these old gems out every once in while for new posters.
You are absolutely correct, which is why I book marked it in my browser. It's in a folder called Marines, where all my most favorite stuff is.