NROTC MO status confusion


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Mar 26, 2017
Hello, I checked my application status on the NROTC website and i' m unsure as of rn on the results. It has three lines of text as shown:

Application has been submitted online

Your application was not selected for a scholarship.

Your application is at the Marine Corps District for Board Selection.

I understand that it says that It wasn't selected but it also says that it's at the USMC district for Board selection. I was deffered from the early boards and from what i believe is the 6th district (South fl). Was the not selected from the early boards and the main boards it is currently still at? Or did I not receive the scholarship and that's the final judgment.
Unfortunately, it does mean that you weren't selected for a scholarship.

Keep pressing on.

1) Reapply for 4 year scholarship if you have less than 30 hours of college credit.
2) While doing option 1, enroll as a college program midshipman.
3) If option 2, make a positive impression on the AMOI and MOI in the unit.
4) This will setup another path as well -- a sideload scholarship.
5) Look into the PLC program

Not an option -- never give up.