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    If awarded the NROTC Scholorship while a candidate for the USNA, what are the pros and cons in notifying admissions of the award? I'm aware eventually this information will be shared, but realize the transfer of information between the two entities lags greatly. The point is, if awarded the Scholorship will this help or hurt ones application to the USNA by either having them snatch you up in efforts not to loose a candidate to the NROTC program, or write one off since they are on another path to a commissioning? Also, this is not to slight either path as I believe both to be an honor to be selected for but would rather the path of the Academy and understand no one looses as the Navy gets their Officer regardless of the journey taken.
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    This is my understanding from following the forums over the years...
    NROTC and the Academy do NOT communicate, ever. Further, having an NROTC scholarship will not have any impact WHATSOEVER on your potential Academy appointment. There is really no point in notifying admissions of the scholarship, just as there is no point to notifying them of a merit scholarship to, say, Harvard.

    If you win an NROTC scholarship, accept it and just stick it in your pocket until you have a decision to make, if any. Any subsequent appointment to the Academy will take precedence over the NROTC scholarship and you can decline that scholarship when an appointment is received. No harm, no foul.

    Further, assuming you were accepted to the college where you had the scholarship and are willing to attend there, accept the admission to that college. Do not notify that college you will not be attending until you take the oath at the Academy. People have been known to break their leg getting off the bus when reporting to the Academy, and been denied admission as a result. You want to hold that college slot for yourself until you are entirely safe in the Navy's arms, just in case.
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    Agree with the above...

    This year, my DS was awarded the NROTC Scholarship. He contacted his RD and inquired if that is something he should report, and he was told it made no impact. It was equated to telling one university that you were admitted to another university. It has no impact on your standing with USNA either positive or negative.
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    Ditto, keep that $1XXK check in your pocket, you never know...(and no one else needs to). Best of luck!
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