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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by Caitlin, May 26, 2013.

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    Hey guys! I'm 17 and will be a HS senior in the fall. I'm really considering going into the Navy for nursing (but I'm not counting the other branches out by any means.) Unfortunately my school year is already over, so my scholarship app will have to wait until August. In middle school I was diagnosed w/ exercised induced asthma and migraines. Neither of these stop me from doing any physical activity, but I know they are both PDQs. With two, is there a chance at getting waivers for both?

    My other stats are:

    -attending what is considered the best public HS in my state.

    -GPA: 4.35 weighted (Roughly 3.85 or so unweighted)

    -SAT: 2100 (750 W/740 CR/610 M)

    -active in local theater, show choir, improvisational comedy

    -active member of roller derby team

    -Rank: 53/279 (18%)

    -Volunteer experience at local library & elementary school (currently in process of being a Red Cross volunteer)

    -Part-time job

    -1st place award for a Civic's video game about bullying (through the Globaloria program), 1st place in several short film competitions (for which I served as Sound Operator/Assistant Director), Leadership Award for Music (given out by my school).

    -Dad is a veteran of the Army National Guard

    So, basically I'm just wondering if I have a shot at the NROTC scholarship for nursing, and what schools I would be competitive for which offer the scholarship. My current favorites would be U of Minnesota or University of Pennsylvania.
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    A couple of things.

    1. Your stats are strong for NROTC scholarship
    2. The big thing to understand with NROTC scholarships is it is also tied to the college. Make sure your list is realistic, don't fill it all with reaches.
    ~~~ I personally think UPenn is a reach for you. Most applicants will have a higher SAT, 610 M is very low for any Ivy unless you have a very strong hook in the application. Same with top 18% rank, unless the top 20% in the school profile also are commonly accepted to Ivies. Again, a hook can help you along. I don't know U Minnesota so I won't answer there regarding chances.
    3. Nobody here can tell you whether or not they will give you a waiver, it is something you will have to just go through the process and let it end where it will.
    ~~~ I would be prepared for 2 DQs. Get all of your medical records in order now because they will want them in the end.
    ~~~ I would also pose just the DQ portion on the DoDMERB threads. There are many threads there discussing the asthma DQ process. Someone else can also help with the migraine issue.

    The reason just the medical portion is because stats are not going to be a factor when it comes to waiving. The factor in that case is how your conditions will impact the mission for the Navy....deployable?

    Good luck.

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