NROTC Online App later than normal for 2015?

Discussion in 'ROTC' started by Wrek88, Apr 21, 2014.

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    Hello everyone. Been stalking for a while but now my DS is about ready to take the plunge w/NROTC scholarship app for Fall 2015 and I'm going to need a little help, I'm sure. So, here I am...:biggrin:

    The first thing to pop up that seems a little strange is that the online NROTC Scholarship Application won't be available until June 1st this year. Am I reading that right? It seems like previous years the date was March 15th or at least by April.

    We have sort of built a plan around starting the online application in April so that we could get the teacher/counselor recommendations going before the school year is over (late May for us in TN), etc., work on it over the summer a little more and finish it in time for the first board in August. Now, it appears we'll have to keep in touch with teachers over the summer and ask them to work with the Recruiter during their vacation/off time.

    Any insights or lessons learned as to how to navigate this process most effectively are very much appreciated.
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    Golly, that already seems a life-time ago!

    If I remember correctly, nrotc app didn't open til June last year. You will just have to request that your teachers do them and get their summer email addresses (nrotc emails them a questionnaire that the teachers fill out and submit back, there isn't a traditional letter that they write.)

    Before school gets out, get a copy of your transcript so that you will have access to your grades and activities, also your community service info, Jr ROTC, CAP, boy scouts, etc...these things you can gather now while you're antsy, put it all in a folder so it's in one spot and that way when the app opens you are ready to start plugging away. The more info you gather ahead of time, the easier the app will be to fill out, as well as less likely to forget something.

    Good luck!
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    Welcome Wrek88.

    There are some great resources on the webb at various NROTC unit websites. Here is a good resource from NCSU: application info-2013F.pdf

    In addition to Dial the gate's recommendations, I had one other thought:

    Once the application opens, I recommend your DS determines what the essay questions are and spend the summer on those. I can't say for certain but suspect these questions don't change very much year-to-year.

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