NROTC or Keep on Reapplying?

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    I had an interview with an NROTC recruiter as part of my NROTC application. I wanted to know if my plan of action is justified. My plan for the next school year as a sophomore was to attend UMBC or any other civilian university with a NROTC unit if I was awarded/or not a NROTC scholarship.

    (Last year as a senior): Denied admissions to the USNA, USMA, USAFA.
    This year (college):
    -Waiver approval (USNA)
    -Calc II, Chem, Physics, Ethics in Lit.

    Initially I wanted to reapply each year if I was rejected but my judgement to be in NROTC would be based on commissioning as a Naval Officer. I am determined to reapply each year as I am offered an opportunity to do so until the age of 23, Of course I know that the decision to reapply or stay in NROTC boils down to me, but I would like some advice especially if I perhaps were a junior/senior in college. I have been told that if I was a junior or a senior, that I should continue the NROTC route.

    On a sidenote, I was also very interested in NUPOC which would also offer me a chance to become an nuclear propulsion officer via OCS and that this option would make the most ideal sense in terms of monetary value and investment if I were to commission as a submariner...but I am certain that I want the military aspect of college/academy (NROTC/USNA). Sorry for the lengthy thread.
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    Well, you'll be at USNA for 4 years regardless of how many years you already have in college. At some point you need to decide if you want to "relive" that freshman, sophomore, or junior year over again especially since your just 1-2 years from commissioning. Ultimately, once you graduate, the Navy won't care where you went to college. Also, you can go Nuke from NROTC as well.
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