NROTC- Quick Questions


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Dec 24, 2015
1. Is there a final date that the board will let us know of our results?
My parents are getting a bit stir crazy with all of the options I have and the NROTC result is the only thing preventing me from making a finite decision.

2. Is anyone familiar with the protocol for switching schools for which the scholarship is for?
(Not majors- I would still be Tier 1 Engineering)

Edit: 3. Where I could find commissioning stats and stats pertaining to the units I am looking at?
The ROTC representatives at the Admitted student days have not been able to provide me with this information about their respective units.
The NROTC board is well aware of the May 1 deadline most schools have for commitments and they will do their best to notify applicants before May 1.

After scholarship award there are two forms available on your son's NETFOCUS portal: the Placement Change Request and the Wait List Request. They have two different purposes. For additional details see

I know of no published commissiong stats by unit. NROTC commissioning is almost totally within your control. The only factor out of your control would be a medical DQ because of some new condition. All graduates go active duty. From the units DS interviewed the only students dropped from the program were for Medical disqualifications from a new condition or academic failures. The other reasons for losing students would be a student's decision to drop the program prior to their 2nd year (with no payback required) or some sort of honors violation. Everything, besides medical, is within your control, and if you work hard you will commission. You may want to try and call one of the officers within the battalion to see how many drops they know of. You may also want to ask how many students go to surface, subs and aviation. Each unit has a different mission, which may or may not be important to you. DS battalion commissions a lot of aviators. This year they had something like 3 sub, 2 SWO and 13 aviation. His battalion does not have a large sub mission.
Update to 1
We were told last week by our local NROTC rep who contacted our college counselor that the last board was last week. She forwarded me the e-mail. He said there have been prior selects and non-selects so it was good that DD was still on the board but our portal is unchanged. He was already reaching out for next year's candidates. Really praying this comes through for her.

This may be bad information. Looks like there is one more board.
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It may be bad information but I took it seriously because it came from our NROTC Scholarship Program Coordinator.