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    I recently received an NROTC Marine Option scholarship and have been assigned to UC San Diego with my cross town affiliate being San Diego State University. After doing more research on NROTC at my assigned unit I have come to realize that I will need to commute 3+ times a week for 30 minutes each way, in addition my actual assigned school would be on a trimester system while SDSU is on a normal 2 semester system, leading to more conflicts. Because of this I'm wondering if I'd be able to transfer to another unit (GWU). So my question is; would I be able to transfer to a different unit even though I have been admitted to my original assigned school?

    Sorry for the long post but thank you for your help.
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    You should be able to download the Scholarship Selection Booklet pdf once your portal updates, but here is the section of that pdf download...

     To request a change of school assignment, you must fax, email, or mail the NSTC Form 1533/141, Placement Change Request, to NSTC (Code OD222). The Placement Change Request Form can be found on the NROTC website at:
    Please send only one copy of your request to the contact information listed at the end of this section. School change requests are subject to class loading limits at each unit and therefore are not guaranteed.
     If the unit at the school you requested is full, you will automatically be placed on its waiting list.
     Requests normally take 5-7 business days to process (during our peak season, Dec-May, it may take longer). You will receive a letter that indicates whether your request has been approved and your scholarship has been moved or that you have been placed on a waiting list.
     Please allow at least 3 weeks for processing before attempting to contact us about the status of your request. During our peak season, you may find that it is easier to contact us via email than by phone. You may also check the status page of the NROTC website to determine if your assigned school has been changed.
    Placement Information

    Your OSO or the RS district team that worked to get your scholarship may also be able to provide guidance.

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