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    I received a full scholarship back in early December, and it was applied to Duke University. After getting denied from Duke, I requested to switch the scholarship to Notre Dame (I had gotten in early). At a previous time when I visited, I spoke with an LT at the ND unit who told me that they have never had a problem accepting transferred scholarships from students already accepted into Notre Dame. Now, after calling yesterday to check on the status of my transfer, I was told that for the first time ever, they will not be able to accept all transfers, as the unit is too big. So, my question is, if I cannot get off the wait list, what are my options? I've heard somewhere that the Navy will help assign you to a school without a full unit, even if said student did not apply there. Can anyone confrim/deny this? Thanks.
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    I have never heard of that but I'm no expert. When DS applied to Northwestern, he was told to also apply to Loyola (sister school) because it would be awful to be given a $180K scholarship and not be able to use it and switching it to Loyola would be easier as the unit is the same.

    He ended up somewhere different and won't be transferring the scholarship so I don't know the exact answers to your question, just what we were told.

    good luck!
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    My two cents,
    You should ask to have your scholarship assigned to the school you want to attend that you believe you have a reasonable chance of being accepted.
    TAMU is usually impacted. If you are stretching for Duke or an Ivy, put it on your list. If you get in, transfers up are not challenging, transfers down can be as noted.

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