NROTC Waiver Denied


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Jan 18, 2007
My son just checked the DODMERB website and his status for his NROTC scholarship says that his waiver was denied for HX of atopic dermatitis/eczema. Is this the end of the road for NROTC or can he get a letter from his Dermatologist stating that his eczema is mild? Will they take a second look at his wiaver request? He already wrote a personal statement that he sent in with his remedials.

mimicoco has placed a link to an answer to another wavier denial question. Eveything in that post is pertinant to your son's case. If you have any additional medical information that DoDMERB does not have, I would make sure that you submit that to DoDMERB. When that is submitted I would have your son write another letter requesting that the waiver authority re-look at his file. In that letter I would have him restate his history concerning the eczema.