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    Is there anywhere that lists the numbers of candidates that get appointments from the NWL? I have looked everywhere and cant find numbers.
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    There is no fixed number; it varies from year to year. Basically, whether anyone is taken off the list depends on whether the number of acceptances is lower than predicted -- the "realization rate" on offers of appointments. If fewer people accept than expected, USNA will take people from the wait list. If the number of acceptances is equal to or higher than expected, no one comes off the wait list.

    Anecdotally, I've heard that the most ever taken was 35 and some years it is 0. But that is NOT official and could well be wrong. Up to 150 are put on the wait list.

    Also, the "wait list" is not the same thing as the "national pool," which consists of candidates who received a nom but were not slotted to their nom source. Quite a few are taken from that pool -- probably several hundred.

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