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    Our daughter received a Congressional nomination on a competitive slate (no LOA). She was just notified that she's been placed on the NWL. Does this mean that the Senator's slot has been offered to another candidate on the slate already? I thought that Admissions would wait until after the application deadline to offer an appointment on an unranked slate. The waiting is excruciating, and I'm not sure how much to encourage her at this point. ROTC plan B is in place.

    Thanks for any advice!
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    If everyone on that slate has a complete file, then, yes - a candidate can be awarded the slot now.
    Hopefully your daughter applied for both Senators too so that is still a possibility for her.
    Once on the NWL, you want to do everything you can to increase your WCS and thereby improving your rank there. She only has until FEB 28 to do this, so the best thing she can do is to continue to update her file with any accomplishments, honors, awards, etc AND she should take the ACT and SAT again.
    The wait IS excruciating. Been there - done that. My DS wasn't offered his appointment until the end of April so I've been where you are.
    Have her do what she can to keep improving her file with the suggestions above.
    And maybe - she will be the one picked to fill one of the Senator's slots!
    Best wishes to her - and you. :thumb:
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    Good advice from buff81,
    You MUST do everything you can to improve her ranking on the NWL. In short, there will be approximately 1700 or so on the NWL rank-ordered by WP from first to last. Only about 400-450 will get in WP from this list. Phone your regional Admissions Officer and ask him where she stands on the list. He will not tell you the exact number (354 of 1700 etc) but he will probably give you some idea where she stands and what she deeds to do to improve her position. The reality is that if she is not in the upper quarter of the list she will probably not get an offer.
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    When do they start handing out appointments for candidates on the NWL?

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