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    I received a letter from USMA stating that I am now on the National Waiting List. I already received a congressional nomination in late December and just yesterday, I received a nomination from my senator as well.
    Does having a nomination in hand give a candidate on the NWL any boost?
    Also, how does having multiple nominations affect a candidate's chances of receiving an offer of appointment?

    Thank you!
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    [All the following assumes you are 3Qed]

    For each nomination, if you are the principal nominee you will get an appointment. If the nomination is a competitive slate, then you are in competition with up to 9 other folks who were on that nominees slate for the appointment. If you don't get an appointment in either of these cases for each nom, then you will go to the NWL. Each person on the list is ranked and under normal conditions about the top 25% have a chance of getting an appointment. Having a nomination is not a bump on the NWL as you needed a nom to get on it to begin with.

    It's possible that you were moved to the NWL prior to receiving your second nomination, since you were just notified of it. In that case you'll get to go through the competition associated with a competitive slate again. It's also possible that you weren't the vacancy winner on any of the nomination slates and are just sitting on the NWL. No way to tell from here. You might want to call someone in admissions to find out.
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    Not to nit pick but there have been some pretty deep discussions in threads (too deep in some cases) regarding the 3Q'd odds of getting admitted and it appears that the % is closer to 50% than 25% as stated above. That is truly a wag by several from the previous class data and may have some variance, but it looks better than 25%.

    In the end it doesn't truly matter and you control your destiny with your qualifications. Keep growing and challenging yourself and you can't lose even if West Point is not your ultimate destination.

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