OCS route


Sep 26, 2023
Is it possible to become an information professional officer (IP) or Cryptologic Warfare Officer (CWO) or Engineering Duty Officer (EDO) as a reservist in the US Naval reserve after graduating with a bachelor's degree and direct commissioning with a contract? I heard that I would need to go active duty first for this. Thank you.
Yes, though you technically wouldn't attend OCS -- you'd go through ODS (a shorter version for reserve sailors). I encourage you to review the respective program authorizations for IP / CWO / EDO (the 200 series ones are the reserve side).

Note, that for RC selection you typically need more experience than just your bachelor's degree. For active duty, we presume potential via your degree and will offer you copious training. On the RC side, you're in uniform a lot less with subsequently less training opportunity, thus civilian experience is weighted heavily for selection chances.

This isn't to dissuade you from applying, especially now given the massive need on both the AC and RC sides. I'm just trying to help set expectations and competitiveness.