1. B

    USMC PLC Juniors after Junior year?

    Hello all, I was just selected for PLC juniors this summer, active duty ground contract (295 PFT, 3.6 GPA). I recently changed my major and was down exactly 1 credit hour from a “junior status” according to the Marine Corps at the time of my application, making PLC-C not an option. After this...
  2. J

    Shoulder Stabilization Eligibility

    Hello. I have some questions about bankhart stabilization surgery on my shoulder and it affecting my eligibility to be a candidate for marine OCS. I am being recommended to get this minor arthroscopic surgery but I am hesitant because I do not want it to make me ineligible to join. Please let me...
  3. S

    Navy or Air Force Pilot with Engineering degree?

    I am a rising senior studying Aerospace Engineering (grad May 2022), and in a 5 year program where I will graduate with a master's in Aerospace Engineering in May 2023. I am not in ROTC so I will have to either do OTS or OCS. I also have a private pilot's license and around 200 hours. I have had...
  4. E

    2021 SNA acceptance rate

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone knows the current acceptance rate for navy pilots in FY21/22 that are taking the OCS route. I tried searching air warriors as well as google for some info but everything I found is outdated. I did speak to some officer recruiters and they all told me...
  5. J

    PLC but I won't meet the age requirements?

    Hello everyone! I am currently a junior in high school and I have been planning my way to becoming a pilot for the USMC. Part of my plan involves going to PLC during college to get a guaranteed flight contract. I want to do PLC in my freshman and sophomore year rather than the 10 weeks for...
  6. F

    I want nothing more than to go to OTC/OCS but my track record is awful

    I was a dumb kid 4 years ago and decided to use a fake ID to purchase alcohol. Additionally, I failed to inform AFROTC about my speeding tickets, marijuana usage, and fake ID. I was removed from ROTC (rightfully) and graduated with a degree and no plan for the future. I want to apply to OTS, but...
  7. B

    Second Opinion and Service Options

    Good Afternoon, Back in 2012 I was diagnosed with vasculitus and underwent treatment. At that point I was, banking on either attending a Service Academy or SMC but was not able to attend either due to recovering. Fast forward to 2016, I vehemently still had the urge to serve and commission so...
  8. B

    Separated from USNA to OCS

    So..I was separated from the Naval Academy with an Honorable Discharge and a RE code of JHF. this was during my firstie year so I am required to serve as enlisted upon July 1, 2019 after completing my degree. I made a really bad mistake and it cost me my diploma and commission. I am happy to...
  9. kfletch3203

    Enlisted to Officer. OCS?

    Little back story on myself, my name is Kris. Been in the Navy 4 years in January 19. Looking for others who have gone enlisted to officer through OCS to get some insight and help prepare me for when I put my package in. Some basic info about me: 26 It2(IW) Graduated with my BS in Cyber...
  10. M

    NROTC or OCS

    Hello Everyone, I'm currently on the fringe between joining NROTC or finishing College to go into OCS. Currently, I'm about to graduate from community college with an AA degree, I'm majoring in Mechanical Engineering about to transfer to University. Having already completed well above 30...
  11. FutureMarine07

    USNA Marines

    Less Broad Questions: Are there any extracurriculars that would help for USNA training/NROTC/PLC/OCS? Or Marine Corps enlistment? If I don't get into USNA, should I enlist, do college part time with reserve duty, or go NROTC/PLC/OCS? Does Duke or NC State have good NROTC programs? If not...
  12. A

    Leaving rotc will not necessarily affect entrance to other officer programs.

    I have been looking over a few threads and some have people who are unable to continue on with rotc or drop and consider ocs in the future. Let me tell you one thing, if you leave rotc, THIS WILL NOT AFFECT YOU GOING INTO OCS OR ANY OTHER OFFICER PROGRAM. That being said if you leave for a good...
  13. B

    Rising college sophomore considering forgoing Army ROTC for OCS, seeking guidance?

    Moving thread over to OCS.
  14. L

    OTS pilot slot chances

    Good evening everyone, I am trying to get either OTS slot in USAF or OCS in navy. I want to be a pilot and since getting a slot is extremely competitive, I am trying my luck for both branches Stats - 23 years old, 5'9 height - Bachelors in Health Sciences with two minors ( Math, Arabic) - Top of...
  15. B

    Separation to OCS

    So before I go into it, I am not looking for this to become a thread on ethics or calling me a piece of crap just looking for options and opinions on the future not the past. I will be separated in the following weeks for Aptitude. In November I committed the egregious act of DUI. I was justly...
  16. C

    Is dropping Army ROTC worth it to become a pilot?

    Hey all I’m new to this forum but I have a question to ask since this forum seems helpful. I am an Ms2 in Army ROTC noncontracted but the recruiting officer says that I will on scholarship for next semester since I have a good pt score and gpa. However, I have been hesitant on this issue...
  17. F

    Navy O.C.S. - Do I have a chance?

    Hello, my name is Gage Nawrocki; I just created this account to begin my research before applying. I am planning to enroll in OCS for the Navy, I am currently pursuing my B.A.S. in business management. I know I am getting ready to get ragged on for not obtaining a technical degree, business is...
  18. N

    OCS question

    Hi all, Was looking for a better place to put this but couldn't find it. If, besides USNA, I'm looking at a civilian school that does not offer a NROTC program, my only option if I still want to be a naval officer is to go to OCS (I hope I am not misinformed here). So I have a few quick...
  19. O

    OCS or ROTC?

    I have recently just started college and I am curious as to whether I should enjoy college as it is and go to OCS after college or join the AROTC to prepare for life a military career after college. Any facts, opinions or anecdotes would be really helpful!
  20. S

    Leatherneck 2017 gear list

    anyone have a gear list / loi for the 2017 Leatherneck program at Quantico. Attending from USAFA and details have been thin. Asking for a friend :). Any info greatly appreciated. Kind of on my own preparing.