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Jul 6, 2006
I have some concerns with my upcoming physical that maybe someone can help with...
1) I have had four sports-related broken bones, all needing nothing more than casts. No complications, no limitations, full recovery. How do I state this without raising red flags and requiring remedials?
2) About records. We moved a lot and I don't have some of my history. How does DoDMERB deal with that?
3) Are tubes in the ears (to unblock tubes/improve drainage) at the age of 12 a problem? Perfect fix, no complications How do I word this so as not to need remedials?
Thank you!!!!!

I'd go about explaining it just the way you did here. Make sure for the broken bones you put down when they occured (month and year is OK), which bones, treatment received and how it is now. For the tubes do the same thing.

DoDMERB may request medical records on some of the bones (it really depends when tey occured and which ones they were), and if it was me reviewing your physical exam I would want records on the tubes in the ears.

I would start now trying to locate those medical records and keep them until DoDMERB requests them, do not send the records in with the physical exam as they tend to get misplaced by the physical exam contractor before making it to DoDMERB. If you can't locate some of the records that DoDMERB requests, just provide a note stating why you can't get them, the facility closed, physician retired, mom doesn't remember. If DoDMERB is concerned at that point they may ask for a physicians evaluation.

You have tons of time to get everything from the medical standoint taken care of, so I wouldn't worry at this point in time.
Thank you so much RetNavyHM. You know the saying "what goes around comes around"?? You have a lot of good stuff coming your way for all you're doing here.:biggrin:
Just out of curiousity, what happens if you have an injury/surgery/etc after DoDMERB gives you their blessing? Are you then dealing with the academy or are you back in the DoDMERB maze? (Hopefully, that would never happen)
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If an injury/illness occurs after DoDMERB has medically cleared an applicant, then he/she goes back to DoDMERB to try and get cleared. Obvious issues would be broken bones, any surgery (except wisdom teeth), an accident that caused loss of consciousness, or any hospitalization. A simple cold or illness that is not severe and is gone in a week would not be a problem. A simple rule of thumb, if in doubt call DoDMERB. I have personally seen guys and gals sent home from I-day at USNA. Its not a decision that anyone wants to make, and definitely not what the applicant wanted either!

While at DoDMERB I always told the applicants and their parents that once you've received the medical clearance from DoDMERB, lock the applicant away in a rubber room!! :shake: Not that its going to happen, but you do need to be mindful of what you are doing. Kids will be kids (I was living proof of that), but car surfing, jumping out of a 3 floor window and trying to hit the pool or diving into a lake without knowing just how deep it is, is a good way to start trying to find another school, these are just a few of the things I've dealt with over the years that kept applicants from going to an SA, usually in the last 2 months before I-day. Peer pressure can be a horrible thing, you just have to keep your eye on the prize, and your wits about you!