Odds of becoming Air Force pilot after afrotc


Oct 22, 2016
I have always wanted to become a pilot, and it is about time to choose. I have my ppl and am hoping to become a pilot. I want to enroll in afrotc, the reason af is because I'm not a big fan of helicopters and I know the other branches have LOTS. Of course I want to fly f22s and f16s but I would also be very happy flying c130s and such. I just want to know if it would be worth the odds through afrotc to get the pilot slot, or if I should just go the civilian route and become a pilot. I have about a 3.7 GPA in high school and an act of 29. Would you recommend afrotc? Or just go civilian route. What would be the odds of getting the pilot slot?


Nov 4, 2015
If your endgame is simply to be a pilot, and you don't have a passion for serving in the military, I would be hesitant to enroll in AFROTC. I am an AS300 cadet (junior in college) and have found out first hand how competitive it is vying for those coveted pilot slots. It will require you to excel as a leader, student, athlete, everything.

The real question to ask is if for some reason you find out you cannot attend UPT (flight school) after graduation, would you regret joining the military? There is no way to know if you are medically qualified (FAA 1st Class is not telltale of an Air Force medical review).

Now, if the military is the right path for you, then attaining a pilot slot is relatively under your control (to a certain extent). You have some control over your grades, your fitness score, your flight hours, and even your Commander's ranking within your detachment. Excel in all those areas, and yes it is likely you will earn a slot.

Feel free to message me about any questions you might have, since I'm likely in a very similar situation you'll be in one day if you move on AFROTC!