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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by pieterm, Jan 25, 2011.

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    Hey guys, this is my first post so, bear with me please. After graduation and commission, how does one go about selecting their MOS? I know only a choosen few get their number one choice, the next few get a choice of a few, and the lower meritted officers are assigned them. How does this work exactly? How should I increase my changes of being able to choose? Thanks for all of your help!! :smile:
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    I would suggest doing a search of older threads. This subject has been discussed too many times and there are a good number of threads in the board full of answers.

    Simple answer. Grades, APFT, LDAC. Do good in all areas, better chances of getting your branch of choice. Most cadets get something they want. Every senior in my BN got 1 of their top 3, with the majority getting their #1.
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    I concur with -Bull-.

    The best advice is what he said, do well in all. Just because you are a scholarship recipient will not play into the equation against a non-scholarship with a higher WCS when it comes to the MOS.

    Look at getting your number 1 MOS choice like getting a scholarship. Your resume matters.

    For our DS, for his AFROTC det., only about 1-2 per yr does not get their 1st choice. Inevitably it always comes down to the 3 things Bull listed, and usually it is a low GPA that they all have in common.

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