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    Parents, friends, soon-to-be mids and anyone else who has a question about I-Day and related issues should go here:

    If you look at the top right corner, you will find a link to all things I-Day. Lots of different documents (unfortunately, you have to open them one by one). There is info about I-Day, care packages, plebe visitation, PPW (limited info), A/N game, Thanksgiving and holiday leave, liberty, the midstore, etc. There are FAQs about I-Day, including a detailed schedule. It even has "required rates for I-Day," which I would think would be very useful for the Class of 2014, and an exercise routine.

    Not saying every question will be answered but I found the information rather helpful. And, it has the benefit of being an official source. Maybe this was all sent with the PTR; however, given some of the questions here, I wonder if that was the case.

    In any event, if you haven't read the material, I highly recommend it.

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