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    My DS is a MS2 Army ROTC cadet. He was on a 3- year scholarship but injured his shoulder as an MS1 and it required surgery. He had a anterior a open Bankart repair done in August and a posterior pending in December. He is on limited duty and unable to perform anything other than light PT.

    He spoke to his CO this summer and was told he would need a waiver and that he should apply for it when he got to school in the Fall. There was no mention of scholarship and his tuition statement even showed credit from the Army at the start of the semester. When he started classes he was told he was not qualified and since he was not under contract he does not meet the physical standards and won't be awarded a scholarship but that he could apply for a waiver and needed a statement from his surgeon stating his chance of full recovery (he will have no limitations when healed). We complied and the word is the waiver is in process.

    My question is this. It is getting near the bewitching hour for payment for the 1st semester. Does anyone know this process and what the timelines are and likelihood for receiving a waiver and scholarship for the year? We have some tough decisions to make if it is a two year award due to this injury. He is in a great business school and 5 for 2 may not make financial sense in the end.

    I am trying not to be the helicopter parent but I have some big commas and zeroes to face up to and would like to get some gauge as to possibilities.
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    My son was DQed from by DODMRB for very minor blood abnormality which has no physical ramifications. Wanted to go to WP (where he had applied and received his nomination) but was denied waiver.

    Same time and within days of applying for it he was granted full medical clearance to attend USNA, including marine branch.

    Take home message to me: Medical Waivers are a crap shoot, with limited predictability.

    Fast forward - DS is Freshman at Ivy institution and ROTC programmer (no scholarship), though he has been apparently been approached several times regarding BT scholarship. Our advice to him perhaps addresses your question is it worth it.

    It is worth it if your long term goal is to be an officer in the US army.

    As a vehicle to fund you college education (i.e. scholarship), it may not be so worth it. Particularly when you factor in the potential loss of earning power over the years, the lack of control you may have in branch choice, duty station, CO etc.

    In other places on this forum I have seen the ROTC scholarship referred to as a Loan and I think that is an excellent way to think about it. It is a sometimes sizable loan that is forgivable should you accept a job with the US army. Should you decline or should they decline you - that large loan becomes payable and I don't believe the repayment terms are very favorable (though I haven't seen a contract so I don't know).

    I don't know what DS will ultimately decide, it is his life and career. We decided to pay for him to attend that expensive school (compared to other schools where he had full tuition assistance, or state schools) because of the many opportunities he would have before and after graduation. An officer in the US Army remains one option, through ROTC. Nonetheless even if he contracts, is medically qualified, and awarded a "scholarship", I will continue to put the tuition dollars aside - in case that loan ever becomes due
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    Big B,

    In no way can I see a parent thinking you are being a helo parent. We all get it as ROTC parents.
    ~~~ If you go on the ROTC forum, it is constantly drilled into candidates that being able to pay for the school WiTHOUT the scholarship should be placed into the equation, and one you need to discuss with the folks.
    ~~~ Again, I get it. Nobody wants to say to their kid, we can't pay that check with a lot of 0's, even if it is your dream school. Trust me, I have done it, for my non-rotc child, but this is not just about them and their dream. This is a family decision financially.

    Now on topic.

    You need to discuss what is next. Can you, him afford for the next 3 yrs to pay that check without a scholarship?

    I mean this with kindness, come in a few weeks if they don't pay he will be locked out by the school unless you pony up the money.

    Nobody here can tell you where that medical issue will land. What we can say is the college wants their money and AROTC at this point is unwilling to pay it.
    ~ If he gets a waiver they will probably back pay it, maybe not the stipend or book allowance.

    To me this is more about making a family financial decision, and how it impacts his college career.
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    DODMERB consultant

    I heartily recommend

    Hope this helps
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