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    My name is Patrick and I'm from Oklahoma. I will get the obvious out of the way and say I'm applying to the AFA and that it has been my lifelong dream since I was very little (it is the truth though!). I am pretty far into the application process now, but I thought I would post some highlights from my student resume and basic statistics pertaining to standards required by the Academy. I am very thankful for any insight or help that you are willing to offer. If you are current cadet or attended the Academy I would also like to know if you ever met anyone that has a similar background and what their experience was. Once again, thank you for any advice!

    My main concern with the application process right now is two fold: 1) My ACT scores are decent and considered competitive, but I am still not satisfied with these and 2) I have some concerns about the DoDMERB process regarding minimum weight requirements (are there any?) I am able to max or meet the averages in all CFA events except for B-ball throw.

    I apologize my post is long but I want to give you an idea about the experiences and background I have. I am taking the ACT this Saturday and I hope to increase my two weak areas. I have taken the SAT, but the ACT is my better test and I don't have enough tome to get another SAT in.

    Bottom line question: Have you known/heard of cadets getting in with similar scores and if my scores remain this way, is my leadership experiences convincing enough?

    Here are my Student Resume Highlights

    English: 28
    Reading: 31
    Math: 26
    Science: 26

    3.84 (current)
    3.9 (hopefully at the end of the semester)


    I took all honors courses available to me as a freshman in Maryland, but when I moved back to Oklahoma my old school did not offer any of these as a option. I have however been on the advanced math track (8th: Algebra I, 9th: Algebra II, 10th: Trig/Geometry, 11th: Calculus, 12th: Concurrent Enrollment Calculus)

    School Profile

    I have heard that this is a factor in the overall academic score. I attend an accredited Christian private school. My school has traditionally been horrible at producing stellar standardized test scores. My 28 ACT composite is tied for the highest in my class. If I am accepted to the AFA then I will probably be of the first graduates from there to attend a school of this caliber. People get accepted to the University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma State University, and Texas schools frequently, but most are just content with attending a small Christian Bible School or university. I am not saying anything bad about those schools it is just not the thing for me (flying planes is though!)

    Congressional Nomination

    I have received a nomination from Senator Coburn and expect to receive one from my Congressman soon hopefully! I don't think Oklahoma does Principal Noms.

    Boy Scouts

    Eagle Scout
    Order of the Arrow (brotherhood, Scouting's "honor society")
    Junior Assistant Scoutmaster
    Senior Patrol Leader
    Patrol Leader, Scribe, Chaplains Aid, etc...
    Summer Camp Staff (First Aid Merit Badge)


    Drum Captain
    Snare Captain
    Junior Class President (responsible for Homecoming Committee and Prom Committee etc...)

    Key Club
    Honors Society
    Marching Band, Orchestra, Basketball Band, Honor Band
    Varsity Soccer (10,11,12)
    Cross Country (12, first year for the program)
    Cross Country: 2nd Place District Meet, 10th State, Academic State Champions


    Hometeacher: Visit needy families of ward and help with any service or needs required
    Deacon's and Teacher's Quorum President (Youth Group President)
    Numerous service hours

    Community Involvement

    Percussion for Community Christmas Orchestra and Choir at the Civic Center (Broadway shows perform here) directed by former Mormon Tabernacle Choir Dir. Dr. Craig Jessop
    Central Saints Orchestra/Choir
    Salvation Army
    City Rescue Mission

    I am among very few youth members who have been invited to participate in these. Most of the members are professional or semi-professional adults

    Public Speaking

    countless public speaking opportunities for all 4 years of high school. I also won an essay and speech contest that sent me to Washington D.C. for a week all expenses paid. This was also a leadership experience and we were able to meet with all of our Congressman and Senators!
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    I'm going to be honest with you- your app looks a lot like mine did. Not the same activities persay, but you get the point. I had a great GPA and ECs, but my ACT was lower than the competition, just as yours is. My advice is to take it again (if you haven't already a million times). Keep your fingers crossed and your head held high. You have a shot at a direct slot, but you also look like a prime contestant for a Falcon Foundation Scholarship. Best of luck to you and I hope to see you here next year.
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    Try taking the SAT as it usually is different than the ACT. Myself and others scored highest on the SAT in areas that they scored the lowest on the ACT. Plus the academy superscores (combines the best scores from both tests).

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    I am sure there have been, but you need to understand the appointment system.

    You will 1st go up on your slate. If you have the highest WCS you win the appointment.
    ~~~ Nobody here knows the competition on your slate.

    If you do not win that appointment and are considered competitive you will go to the national pool. The highest WCS wins the appointments.
    ~~~ Nobody here knows the competition level for this yr.

    Hence, this is why people do not like chance me threads, because unless you state you have a Principal or an LOA with a nom., nobody can tell you anything except you have 0% chance if you don't apply.

    Good luck.

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