Ole Grad

Ole Grad

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Jul 15, 2008
Hello, and thanks to those who have welcomed me to the USMA/WP thread ranks.

I am an Admissions Rep in Virginia, a member of the 1962 bunch, a former Infantry officer and Vietnam vet. My post-Army career has been in media and public relations, but time these days is mostly taken up in community/church volunteer activities, including the local WP Society, Admissions work, and some other stuff besides the occasional golf round.

I am certainly no expert on all this, but am a frequent visitor to USMA, keep in close touch with Admissions as well as many of "my" kids as they progress through the Academy and beyond, and try to keep up with current affairs with the Army so my counsel has some grounding in "real life," at least as far as the active duty Army is concerned.

Private contact can be made to my mailbox here, or to IWantUSMA@aol.com.
So you are 2012's 50 year class! My daughter is Class of 2012.
Thanks for the snacks on R-Day!
Are you planning on going to the Marchback?
:welcome1: :jump1: We are glad you have you!

You are more of an "expert" than us parents who only have experience with one applicant.
Welcome! :smile:

Sheesh. Another Woop. Like flies, they are! :thumb:
It's nice to see a '62 here! It was an exceptionally good year (I was born! :shake:) I also have a 2012 cadet, and the 1962 lounge was a great place to chill and regroup on R day...plus, the freebies were a nice touch, thanks!