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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Thayer2, Aug 24, 2010.

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    Hello everyone!

    I'm glad to have found this board, because your input may allow me to be a bit more useful in my online stuff.

    Quick personal bio first: USMAPS '69 but went to the Air Force Academy — not a stellar performance there, though, and was rather quickly an X-USAFA '73. Loved the physical endurance and even stress, but not the other stress! Ran a magazine and an organization promoting manned space flight for a few years, then finally found a successful career, curiously one considered among the more stressful: simultaneous interpreter (French/English). Am now something like retired. For the irremediably curious, a somewhat longer bio is here.

    My "retirement", going back in fact to my mid-forties, has me writing and managing a large website (approaching 10,000 webpages); one of its three main sections is the American History site in my signature, which — in the sunset of my life — I'm dedicating to the Corps of Cadets, USMA. To the extent that history is useful, I mean it to be such, specifically, to our officers in training both at the Point and the four other service academies; and I hope this board will provide me with a variety of input. For now, the American history section of my site is almost all a work of transcription: currently 27 books on various topics, a number of journal articles, and a few other items, among which the largest is an ongoing annotated transcription of Cullum's Register. My personal interests seem to be taking me to the Frontier Period (1788-1840, although as late as the 20c in some parts of the country), and I'm finding myself particularly fascinated by our first territorial expansion, from the Appalachians to the Mississippi; but I really am keen on providing material online specifically useful to Cadets and Midshipmen, and will very likely post again in the general forum, with questions etc.

    Voilà; thanks for providing this forum, and for having me aboard.
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    Welcome Mr. Thayer. We hope that you'll enjoy your time here.

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