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Mar 31, 2007
Orders Assignment Night for the Class of 2008 was tonight! This entails pilots/NFOs pick flight school dates, Marines pick TBS classes, submarines pick Nuc School dates and the Spec War guys picking report dates. Since I service selected Surface Warfare Officer back in November, we had the grandest of all the Orders Assignment Night activities: ship selection.

For those who aren't familiar with this, picture some sort of sports draft. All the SWOs are all lined up by class rank and we each take a turn picking out our ship/homeport from a large board.

I am happy to announce that I got what I desired: a DDG (guided missile destroyer) homeported in San Diego (I live in the area)! I report to her after my requisite 30 days of "basket leave" following graduation.

91 days and counting...
KaMiKaZi, wonderful news! Will you be on a ship like the one that shot down the failing spy satellite yesterday?

Congratulations for getting your dream assignment! Very exciting news!!

So, I take it you now go to your ship until your SWO class date? Then go to SWO school and then return to your ship?

It was different in my day -- we had something called OHARP (stood for something like Officer Home Area Recruiting Program), in which you could basically stay home and work at your local recruiting center until your school date. However, I know it was dc'ed years ago.
Antoinette, the ship that fired the missile to take down the satelite was a cruiser (USS Lake Erie, CG-70).

Today, cruisers and destroyers have many of the same weapons onboard and fulfill many of the same missions. However, cruisers specialize a little more on air defense and strike missions. Destroyers are a little more suited for anti-submarine warfare. However, both platforms can do each other's missions very well. In reference to the satellite shoot-down, the back-up ship to the Lake Erie was a destroyer, the USS Decatur, DDG-73.

usna1985, we report to our ship after basket leave and begin working on our quals. About 6-8 months into our quals, we get sent to the SWOS for classroom training. Upon completion of that, we return to the ship and then finish up whatever needs to be done prior to the SWO board.

OHARP is actually still around, but not for SWOs. Sub guys and some aviators may get to do it based on their start dates for their respective schools and if the community doesn't need them to TAD somewhere.
Is USNA not the only officer procurement route that one can actually pick their ship?? In my day, I am pretty sure that the 'shoes' got to also pick their billets.

Congratulations. I always tell people that it is impossible to have more fun than a JO airdale but that as a senior officer, it reverses. The ship drivers have it made.

Thanks for the details on the capabilities of destroyers and cruisers. You Navy guys get to lead amazing lives.

Keep it between the lines for the next 90 days! :wink: