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Oct 31, 2008
Hi, I know that I am posting a lot, but please be patient. An appointment to USNA means a lot to me like it does to all perspective mids. My question is the online form wants a recemenation from my English and math teachers. As a homeschooler I am taking an online Advanced Composition class so I naturally put my teacher in. However I have a parant teaching me Trig. and I don't think USNA wants a recommendation from a parant. I emailed my regional director but with such a large area I doubt he will be able to get back to me before my 30 days are up. What should I do here?
What 30 days?

Why don't you call your BGO or call the Admissions office at the academy? They know the protocol for homeschoolers.
USNA's Website indicates that I should send in my papers as soon as I can, prefferably within 30 days after getting them. Its not written in stone, but still... I called the admissions office and they said to contact my regional director. I did this, but by the time he gets back to me I doubt I will have adequate time to get in the recommendations. Also, should I be getting letters of recommendation from people for my Blue and Gold Interview?
No, you don't need recommendations for your BGO interview. There is no need to bring anything with you. One thing that you could bring (but are not required to) is a one-page "resume" listing your activities, etc. It's a nice reminder for the BGO but, if you don't have one, no need to create one.
In trying to answer your questions I find myself as a BGO having more questions than answers for you at this point. If you are applying for the class of 2013 and you are asking questions about teacher recommendations this late in the cycle, I implore you to contact your BGO to assess where your record stands.

As for being a home-schooled student, make sure your RD and BGO know you are home-schooled. Make sure you have also annotated that in your personal statement and candidate personal data record. The records of all home-schooled candidates are reviewed and briefed by one Admissions Board member to ensure different backgrounds are appropriately and fairly taken into account and standards are applied accordingly.

The Board needs more syllabus information from home-school candidates than public school candidates. Make sure your BGO and RD are provided ample syllabus documentation.

Recommendations should not be from parents. Another teacher or tutor would be better even if they are not a Math or English teacher/tutor.
I have done a fair amount of math (SAT prep) with a math teacher from our local high school. Could I put him in? He would be more than happy to write me a recommendation. And yes, I am applying to the Class of 2013. My papers are all in except for my online forms, and I have several Nom. interviews coming up. Do I need to have my transcripts sent to USNA before my Nom. interviews?