Online classes and AROTC


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Dec 28, 2017
I was wondering if anyone had information about online classes and ROTC. If I can take all my classes online in Oregon but my school is in Hawaii is it possible to do ROTC with a school in OR? I believe they are in the same brigade as well will that make it easier to make this possible? I don't want to transfer because I don't want to lose more credits, but does anyone have any answers on this? Thank you.
No...75% of your classes need to be traditional classroom instruction. Online classes should be the exception. If you want to be an Army Officer your plan won’t work.

Have you talked to anyone from the AROTC program at either school?
I'm currently taking an MS II class. I plan to contract this Spring after I take my APFT. I was just curious whether this could be done or not. Thank you for your feedback.
My daughter's nursing program is a 9 semester program, including the summer between her Junior and Senior years, to finish in that time though, just with her nursing curriculum it is a load of 15-16 credits a semester. With the upper division MS classes being 3 credit hours, plus 2 credits a semester for lab and PT, on top of her nursing curriculum, she asked about online classes at her local community college. Because they are terms instead of semester she could stagger her classes and only take 15 credits at her home school. She was told yes, she could, however like carksonarmy said, the majority needs to be at her school she is in ROTC and getting her degree from. She also had to make sure with her on campus adviser that they satisfied the requirements (she has taken ethics, nutrition, english and will be taking a psychology course, all general education). The other thing to keep in mind is that ROTC does not pay for these online courses, we paid for them. Another thing to consider, is this was thought out her freshman year, and part of her agreed upon 104R (not officially but everyone knew she would be taking these online at a CC). These also transfer in as less credits, so they had to check she would have enough elective credit, but with her MS class, this was not an issue!

I am not sure why this is a need for you? Does your current school not offer your major, or are you trying to get in state tuition? Also, if you do transfer and there is a scholarship involved, it does not transfer schools to the best of my knowledge. I am with clarksonarmy, talk to your ROTC cadre and find out what your options are for the concerns you have, they would be the best to advise you. Good luck and keep us posted!