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Discussion in 'DoDMERB' started by hortense, Jul 1, 2009.

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    May 5, 2009
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    My son and I are having a terrible time with the online medical form. I have requested copies of his medical records from his various physicians (we've moved a couple of times) and all say it will take 2-3 weeks. But his exam is scheduled next week (in order to get it done within the required timeframe). So we don't have access to exact dates of illnesses, etc. We don't remember, for example, what antibiotic his dermatologist prescribed for minor acne several years ago. And who can keep track of all the strep throats, sinus infections, etc. that kids get? Should I just put approximate dates on the form? It is pretty hard to get right without exact records. Any advice?
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    I'm sure Larry Mullen would be best to answer this question. But are you able to reschedule the exam?

    Have you explained the urgency to the doctors? Can you have the records faxed or send them a fedex envelope?
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    On the online medical form put down the estimated dates of treatment (you can just write "estimated" after the dates).

    DoDMERB does understand that you may not remember the exact dates of all treatments, so there is nothing to worry about.

    As for the copies of medical records, I would not bring any with you to the physical examination. There is no guarantee that they will make it to DoDMERB with the physical examination. I would wait until DoDMERB requests the copies of the medical records.
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    Hortense, your best course of action is to send me your posting; your son's full name and Last 4 of his SSN; to Best send before noon tomorrow. DoDmerb system will be down from 4 PM Thurs to 5 PM Sunday for electrical upgrades. Standing by to assist:thumb:

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