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Jan 29, 2008
I just checked online on the DODMERB website and the only remedial DODMERB has on me is R263.00 repeat urinalysis.

I am a cross country runner so I exercise pretty heavily and run about 40mi/wk. Does this mean i should just cut out all physical activity before I take the retest? For how long? (my coach is going to kill me! LOL)

What about diet? should I be getting on a protein-free diet before the retest?

Am I over-reacting? lol.

Where can I be retested? The same place that checked me in the first place? do i need to wait for the official letter from DODMERB or can I myself just call up the place i went to before tomorrow and schedule a retake?
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My daughter had the same problem. We rescheduled (after getting approval from Concorde Medical) the urinalysis at the same place with no problem.

If I remember correctly, we either read or were told that intense physical exercise can screw up the test and when you take it (early morning vs. afternoon) can have an effect. I seem to remember something that said 24-48 hours without intense exercise was recommended.

So what we did was schedule the urinalysis for Saturday morning. This was during basketball season so they had a game that afternoon. We talked to the coach and requested that my daughter have a light practice Thursday night, and that she sit out of practice on Friday. That meant she had close to 60 hours from her last big practice Wednesday night to the urinalysis. We had a very gung-ho basketball coach, but when we explained that either she passed the urinalysis or wouldn't pass the medical, denying her a chance at her academic future, the basketball coach had no problem with it.

And from a parents point of view....(and I am also a high school soccer coach), any coach that would not consider this, who would put a student/athletes academic future at risk, shouldn't be coaching. Had she not agreed to our request (and she did...with no problem), I would have removed my daughter from the team immediately. You have to set your priorities in life, and any coach who wouldn't see this shouldn't be coaching.

My daughter didn't change her diet at all and readily passed the exam the second time with no problem.
mnolan has it correct. You should stop all strenuous activities for at least 2 days (preferably 3 days) prior to the repeat urinalysis. If you are taking protein supplements I would stop those for at least a week prior. If you are not taking any supplements there should be no reason to modify your diet. Make sure you are well hydrated as well.

You need to work it out with your coach. Explain it to him/her and work out the best time for you to do this.

You will need to wait until you receive the letter from DoDMERB (should get to you shortly), then you can contact Concorde to get the repeat urine done.
followup question

thanks so much! that was very helpful. I have 2 followup questions-

1st, I am currently scheduled for a new urinalysis on tuesday morning. but it turns out that, maybe because of all the running i've been doing in the rain (it's been wet out here), i've caught a cold. is this going to negatively effect my urinalysis? should i postpone the retest until i feel better?

2nd, in an earlier msg, i mentioned i was concerned about pes planus which never got diagnosed and for which i've never used orthotics or anything really. when i went to the concorde doctor, she said, "yep, you definitely have it." so i was sort of expecting some sort of DQ i'd have to get a waiver for. well, my DODMERB record looks like this today:
11-APR-08 Application Added
11-APR-08 Date applicant entered into DoDMERB system
01-MAY-08 Actual date of exam
07-MAY-08 Date exam received at DoDMERB
08-MAY-08 Medical data entry
13-MAY-08 Date letter sent - Remedial R263.00
13-MAY-08 Date exam reviewed
since it's already the 16th and the letter i got today from DODMERB also only has R263.00 on it, does this mean DODMERB wont be DQing me for pes planus? or do they ask for all the remedials before they do any DQs at all?
Based on what you have posted, you only have the one remedial, so DoDMERB has decided that your pes planus is not a concern and will not be requesting any additional information regarding that. If there was a disqualification they would add it immediately and not request any remedials.

A cold will not affect your urinalysis.