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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by Libertador, Jan 23, 2014.

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    Firstly, it's been a true relief reading through this forum the last few days because it's nice to see the rest of you applicants/parents are just as anxious as I am! I do have a question though as a person not very familiar with the process (not a military family, no siblings). If I am lucky enough to receive a 3 or 4 year scholarship from this 2nd board: I put my first choice school as American University, but have since decided (mostly because I now think I may can get in) that I really would much prefer Georgetown (listed as my second choice). I am aware they send cadets to the same battalion, does that mean if I receive the scholarship at one I would definitely receive it at both? If not is it likely I would receive the nod for both my #1 and #2 choices? As far as I know it's too late to change the order of preference so I'm worried I'll get exactly what I asked for (receipt at my #1 school) even though at would much rather attend my #2. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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    If you are offered a scholarship, it could be to school #1 OR #2 OR both. But receiving a scholarship at one does not automatically mean you receive it for the other just because they are cross-town affiliates. Where you receive a scholarship depends in part on things such as how much scholarship money has been allotted to a particular school, how many slots are available at a particular school, etc. If you receive a scholarship to choice #1 and you would rather have it at choice #2, you would have to put in a request to have it transferred (which is, by no means, guaranteed). Best of luck to you!
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    I don't know how different things usually are on the 2nd board, but I can tell you that on the first board (see that thread) almost everyone who received an offer was able to choose from his/her top 3 schools. It is reason to be hopeful. :smile: Otherwise, you put in your request and see what happens. Hang in there and good luck!
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    One thing to place into the equation is Georgetown is insanely expensive. I believe it is close to 45K just for tuition,, that is a heck of a lot more than whatever your IS college charges, probably 2x as much. IOWs, for every one scholarship awarded to Grown, they could send two to American University, or UVA as an OOS resident. I placed UVA there because it is considered a public ivy and close in proximity to the DC schools, not saying that is on your list, just academic comparisons to GTown

    On another thread here they listed the stats regarding last years scholarships. I believe they stated that 11K applied, 5K were boarded, 2k were awarded, and 50% of those awards were 3 yr. Basically, you have 20% chance of being awarded a scholarship, but it is a 50-50 shot at getting a four year scholarship.

    Thus, the question is can you afford to go to Gtown if you are offered a 3 year scholarship or a bigger question would be what if you get a 4 year can you afford to stay if after a year you decide you don't want to stay in AROTC? This is something that really needs to be discussed because ROTC never has 100% commissioning rate, even for scholarship recipients, although I am sure most recipients believe that they will, it is just not the statistical truth. By the time you graduate I would expect tuition alone will be the same as the total cost currently of 61k a yr. Colleges typically raise tuition by 10% annually. Thus, the 44k for this yr., will probably @47.5K for next yr. as a freshmen.

    Just food for thought from a fiscal perspective. I concur with what everyone else has stated in previous posts. If you only get it to American, you can request a transfer in the spring, but again that might not be decided before deposits are due, so you might have to decide whether you will chance paying out of pocket and non-scholarship or paying two deposits to both for scholarship purposes.

    Good luck.
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    +1 Pima. As stated many times before on the forum, one must consider the cost of continuing at a school if the scholarship doesn't come through. The "I'll just transfer" answer isn't always as simple or easy as it sounds either.

    One correction though, tuition at GU is around 44k, with a total cost for R&B, and fees at 62k. AU is at 40k with total costs around 56K, GU scholarships are worth about 182k where the AU scholarship is 162K. So it would be 20K difference for Army to transfer a 4 year within the battalion.

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