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Oct 20, 2008
anyone else having problems registering for orientation? I've filled out the form online but when I hit submit it brings up the "This Page cannot be found" screen
As a side, what/when is orientation. I was thinking something like the equivalent to usna's candidate visit weekend, where you stay with a 4th class mid and go to classes, workouts, etc... I haven't gotten a nom... yet. so i haven't heard of it. I was planning on visiting in january... should I just wait?
in your appointment packet there is a whole fold-out thing that is all about orientation...for the AFA that is. orientation itself takes place during april. not sure how the USNA works but its most likely similar to this
Do all you guys with these appointment packets have a presidential nomination? I have a congressional nom, and since I had an LOA, Souder just gave me a competitive nomination cuz thats all I needed and another girl needed the principle nomination.. Does that effect when I will recieve my Appointment letter IF I recieve one? Im getting anxious..... (mostly because I want to talk about what's in my packet too)
nope. mine was with former senator and now president-elect obama
great work on getting those appointments guys! i only have an LOA and hope to get a nomination soon. i thought the first senator was going to give them out this week, but i called and they said it will not be given out for another two weeks, which will be almost Christmas! that means i won't hear anything 'till after new year!(going out of country during Christmas break) Waiting sucks.
Yes, nominations are the tricky part. Depending on the nominator, they could hold off their selection until after Christmas. Some set up a mandatory initial application phase by say; 1 November, and then they know how many they are working with. They can then nominate immediately after interviewing and reviewing. Some allow their staff to do the entire process while others want to actually meet the applicants. In our state, it's the smallest population, everyone knows everyone. That type of familiarity prompts the nominators to meet you face to face. Many times, numerous times. And of course, the key with a presidential nomination; if you qualify; is to get it in IMMEDIATELY. Like say, JUNE/JULY! The academy handles the process for you and they pretty much recommend yea or nay. My son actually had his presidential nomination on his online application status as NOMINATION RECEIVED by the 1st or 2nd week of July. So, as with anything, for those pursuing the next application cycle, DO EVERYTHING AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE. Not only is it nice to have it all out of the way, but if buys you time if there are issues you need to address. e.g. CFA, Nominations, Medical, etc... best of luck to you. later... mike...
As far as nominations go, my daughter got hers directly from her AFJROTC instructor. Initially, she didn't realize that this was even an option, and she went through the process with our Congressman also.
I know that to get a presidential nomination there are several requirements to qualify for them (my dad was an Air Force major who retired with pay), but does merely qualifying for the nomination guarantee that you will receive it if you apply?

I have already received mine, but was wondering if there is any other selection process to receive this nomination other than to qualify and turn in the paperwork.
The Presidential nomination is an entitlement. However, the academies can only appoint 100 candidiates each year with a Presidential nomination. This is why you should still seek a congressional nomination.
Not to get into semantics; but to help clarify the question; QUALIFYING is the key word. Just like you QUALIFY to be CONSIDERED for a nomination by your representative, because you LIVE in THEIR district; you also QUALIFY for a presidential nomination because your parent(s) met certain requirements. But, just because you QUALIFY for your Rep to nominate you, doesn't mean they WILL NOMINATE YOU. Just because you QUALIFY for a presidential nomination, doesn't mean you will RECEIVE ONE.

I'm not sure if I would use the word ENTITLEMENT. That word implied that because you are entitled to it, you get it. Having met certain requirements via your parent(s), you have become QUALIFIED to APPLY for a presidential nomination. If you are in ROTC, you QUALIFY to APPLY for that nomination. If you live in Illinois, you QUALIFY to APPLY to Senator Obama for a nomination.

I'm glad this question came up. There are a lot of people who think that they automatically get a nomination because their parent was in the military for 20 years. I had to explain this DELICATELY to my aunt. My cousin, who was in the Army, died on active duty. As such, his children QUALIFY for a nomination to the various military academies. My aunt was under the impression that the kids; her grand children; would automatically get to go to the academy if they so chose to. I had to explain it in simple terms. "If the kids have a 2.0 gpa and a combined SAT score of 1500 out of 2400; NO ONE will nominate them; not even a presidential or other special nomination. And even if they did, they wouldn't get an appointment because they don't qualify academically. She finally understood the difference between being QUALIFIED to receive a nomination and AUTOMATICALLY being given one.

There are 435 U.S. representatives. My son QUALIFIED to be nominated by 1 of them. He also QUALIFIED to be nominated by 2 senators. He also QUALIFIED to be nominated by the President and the Vice President. There was NO GUARANTEE that ANY of these nominators WOULD nominate him. later... mike....
Just because you QUALIFY for a presidential nomination, doesn't mean you will RECEIVE ONE.
yes you do. Any candidate who qualifies through admissions will have the nomination shown on their candidate page. Receiving a Presidential nomination is not a competition. The nominations are given before the candidates application and information is complete.

What you don't necessarily receive is an appointment. But you do have the legal authority for the academy to offer you an appointment if the admissions board so chooses and you qualify.

Getting a Nomination is NOT synonomous with getting an appointment - even if the candidate is qualified for an appointment. The only exception to this are children of Medal of Honor winners. They are guaranteed an appointment if they are qualified.
If you really want to get into semantics what we normally the Presidential Nomination is not really a nomination at all.
All appointments are made by the President. The Members of Congress and Sec of Army (Navy and AF) NOMINATE candidates to the President for an appointment.

No where in the law does it mention a Presidential Nomination.
What is says is:
.......... there may be appointed each year at the Academy cadets as follows: (1) one hundred selected by the President from the children of members of an armed force who— (A) are on active duty (other than for training) and who have served continuously on active duty for at least eight years;
(B) are, or who died while they were, retired with pay or granted retired or retainer pay;
(C) are serving as members of reserve components and are credited with at least eight years of service computed under section 12733 of this title; or
(D) would be, or who died while they would have been, entitled to retired pay under chapter 1223 of this title except for not having attained 60 years of age;
Any candidate who meets the Criteria of the above is entitled to be considered for an appointment under this category. Likewise with ROTC and other service connected nominations. The appointments are limited by numbers and competitive.

When the Academy receives the documentation that the candidate is eligible for an appointment under these certain service connected criteria - they mark the file as receiving a "nomination" and they do this before the application goes to the board or is considered for an appointment.
You are correct. And I definitely don't want to spit hairs. But the presidential isn't an automatic if the academy doesn't declare you competitive and classify you as a "Candidate". I have seen military dependents NOT get the presidential nomination. Then again, they didn't get past the "Applicant" stage and just about no other nominating person will give you a nomination if the academy doesn't at least classify you as a candidate.

But you are correct that IF you meet all the academy basic requirements and qualify for the presidential nomination, that you will receive the presidential nomination. The academy will only give up to 100 appointments using that nomination. That is also why the advice of just_mom and others who say you should get ALL the nominations you can is SOUND ADVICE. There could be 200 military brats with Presidential nominations and all of them have "WOW" (Walk on Water) applications. The academy can't give all 200 applicants an appointment using the presidential nomination. Sorry for my ambiguity. And it isn't really a presidential "NOMINATION". You are correct. it's a "Category" in which 100 nominations can come from. later... mike....
So I received the presidential nomination because my dad served in the Air Force for more than 8 years, retired with pay, and because I "passed" the pre-candidate questionnaire? And it's whether or not I have an application file that is competitive enough to receive an appointment under this category?
Basically, yes. On your application, if you get the nomination as received; presidential; then your status should be that of a candidate. To move to the category of candidate, you must be considered competitive and/or have received a nomination. Candidate in the last category prior to "Appointment Offered".

1) Prospect
2) Applicant
3) Candidate
4) Appointment

(Not sure if receiving an LOA changes the status or not. Can't remember. This past year, my son went to "Candidate" in the end of June when he received his presidential and his application was completed. The 1st week of November, it changed to "Appointment Offered". A couple weeks later it changed to "Appointment Accepted". The year before; a young lady we worked with received an LOA. I believe or status remained as "Candidate". Can't remember if it changed with the LOA. She got the nomination, but eventually turned down the appointment.

Anyway, what you say is correct. But chances are, they wouldn't have given you the presidential if you weren't competitive and thus a "Candidate". Not saying anything is impossible, just that it's the academy that does the presidentials and processing; and they don't waste such time if a person isn't a competitive Candidate. As for getting the appointment; I still suggest you do as Just_Mom and others have suggested and still go for other nominations. Because they can only give 100 appointments out to those with a presidential. You could be very competitive and able to get in; but EVERYONE needs a nomination. Just like your Representives and Senators can only have so many nominations; the academy can only give 100 for the presidential. So if you haven't already gotten another nomination, make sure you get it. They don't go to waste. The academy can use the presidential on another late entrey; or your rep/senator can use yours for someone else if you get an appointment with the presidential. Best of luck to you. later.... mike.....
LOA changes the bottom of the two statuses. Basically, it says either applicant or candidate at the top, and below, letter of assurance. When I recieved an appointment, it stilled showed Candidate, but had Appointment Offered on the bottom.

Now it says:

Your Status: Candidate*
Appointment Status: Appointment Accepted
Mine currently says:

Your Status: Candidate*
Appointment Status: Letter of Assurance

BUT I HAVE A NOMINATION NOW TOO! It's driving me nuts
Excellent. Congrats to both of you. And thanks for letting me know what the appointment status changed to with an LOA.

LOA is definitely what you want. And with a nomination just needing to be updated in your application, it sounds like you are exactly where you want to be. Yes, it can be nerve racking waiting, but realize that there will be many people with a nomination who won't get an appointment. Having an LOA, the academy has "Assured" you that if you get the nomination and all other things in your app are complete and sat, then you will get the appointment. Best of luck and congrats to all of you. later... mike....