Osgood-Sclatters Disease


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Dec 3, 2007
Im a freshman in high school with osgood schlatters. I just got diagnosed with it 3 months ago. It is really annoying me how I cant play sports. Can anyone suggest anything or tell me any personal experiences?
My S had OS when he was in 7th through 9th grade playing lacrosse and running track. They had him rest for a few weeks and gave him some anti-inflamatory medication. when he started playing again he used knee bands (aka patella strap) that put compression on the patellar tendon to help decrease the stress at the tibial tubercle. You can get these at any good pharmacy. Over the course of two years he just played through the pain. He is now a sophmore and has outgrown it. I am sure RetNavyHM can add in here.
Osgood-Schlatter's disease can be a very painful issue, with limited treatment options. Since you are a HS freshman you still have time to get it resolved. I would suggest that you follow the instructions of your physician, and if possible go to a specialist for treatment as well.

This is an issue that can be related to growth (just one more of the joys of being a teenager!) so the majority will outgrow the condition.