Overmanned Navy will ax 3,000 mid-career sailors

Discussion in 'ROTC' started by gojack, Apr 15, 2011.

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    Overmanned Navy will ax 3,000 mid-career sailors Link

    "The Navy is planning to cut 3,000 mid-career sailors from its ranks because of record retention rates, according to an administrative message and guidance put out Thursday by the Navy Personnel Command.

    A new quota-based enlisted retention board will review 16,000 sailors with seven to 15 years of experience in the ranks of E-4 through E-8, in 31 different career ratings. Because of the high number of sailors who are choosing to stay in the Navy, these 31 career fields are overmanned, the Navy message said"....
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    I don't think anyone is surprised by this move, the writing was already on the wall due to the fact that the USNA came out and said they were reducing the incoming class size because they were over the allotted numbers. Hint, hint budget cuts are a coming and we are overmanned.

    There is always an inverse relationship with retention and the economy. When the economy is in the tanks, retention rate is high, and conversely when the economy is thriving, retention is low.

    I would not be shocked if the Navy follows suit of the AF and offering VSP to officers. If not enough officers take them up, you will see RIFs and SERBs appear.

    This of course reminds me of the 90's. AF went through RIF in 92. Navy went in 93, and the Army shortly followed. It was very frightening times because they cut hard and deep. You literally went to bed praying please don't announce my yr group or career field, and if you do announce that please be one and not both.

    2011-12 budget is going to be painful for the troops. DoD will have to cut, and it is highly unlikely that it will be in hardware, but in personnel. Reason why is that our MOC's will fight for jobs in their district. Cutting personnel ironically is easy because those people are faceless to them, it's not personal, it's business.

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