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    I was wondering how often USMA invites candidates for overnight visits. I have been invited for 4 days with expenses paid for and was wondering is this normal? Thanks.
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    These invitations are typically give to qualified diversity candidates who may be an under-represented minority, someone who comes from a lower socioeconomic family, first generation college applicants, etc. It sounds like an amazing opportunity if you are interested in exploring if the academy is a potential fit for you.
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    Others are invited, but on our own nickel. Great opportunity! Go!
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    USMA invites candidates for overnight visits in three ways: an LOE, LOA, or official offer of admission. An LOE simply encourages you to finish your file and visit West Point to discover whether it is the right school for you, while an LOA is a contingent offer of admission. The offer, of course, explains itself. Not many LOE or LOA letters are given, and nobody knows the exact number, save the Regional Commanders who are responsible for distributing them according to USMA's need for scholars, leaders, athletes, minorities, and other students that fill up the class size for 2022 in their desired manner. That being said, overnight visits at this time are not common. Most of the other candidates you meet on your visit will probably be recruited athletes, if you see any at all. You were likely chosen for an overnight visit for your RC because you fit the profile of a category of student that West Point wants to admit this year.
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