P Nom + 3Q letter


New Member
Jan 27, 2017
So I just received word from my MOC that I have received his principal nomination. On my portal I also got a letter stating I am fully qualified. That being said when do you think I will hear back from WP?
When WP gets your MOC's slate (deadline tomorrow), then they can offer you the appointment.
I am in the exact same boat. Does anyone know if we would be notified this week or would it be in upcoming weeks?
I've been 3Q'd for about 2 weeks and the principal nomination has been on my portal since Jan 1. I thought I'd hear back sooner! It's hard to not be anxious about it
Yeah well this is the definition of hurry up and wait. Like I busted a$$ to get all those green check marks. With that said it is just now about to go into February so we have plenty of time. There are much worse positions to be in than 3q'd with a P nom.