Panetta's budget plans

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    Here we go again!

    It is going to be very interesting in the MD/VA/DC area.
    I joked with Bullet about what his office will look like if they furlough since 1/2 of the office are GSs. This will also frustrate his counterpart who has put in his retirement papers.

    Plus side there will be no traffic on 95/395/495 and 66, so those AD members won't have that 1 hr commute for 20 miles, and now can sleep later. :shake:
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    Some insights to the furlough process

    - "mission essential" personnel will be exempted
    - it doesn't have to be just one period, it could be one day per week.
    - it doesn't save the whole salary as the government still have to pay most of the benefits (i.e. health insurance)
    - cannot take leave during furlough.

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