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Jun 11, 2006
My son's records have not been updated on-line yet. It's been 3 weeks since his physical. I've noticed a few posts on this and have seen recommendations to call and ask. We called Concorde today and found out that the physician's report has not been received and that they are putting a caseworker on it. Do you have an idea how long this may take? (get the report, forward to DODMERB, review, find out what his disqualifications are, etc.)

I just can't wait to get past the administrative part of this :bang: and get working on dq's, remedials and waivers - the real fun part.

:yay: :yay: :yay: :yay:
3 weeks seems like a very long time. I just checked my son's data on DODMERB and there are 9 days between the date of the exam and the date the exam was received at DODMERB.

Good thing you called.
Thanks, Luigi. I thought so, too. But I thought the holidays could have caused a delay. I'm glad I called today. In the meantime, I know there will be a bit of work to do once the file is reviewed and just want to know what a typical timeline might be.
Once DoDMERB receives the information they have 30 days to process it. Very rarely does it take DoDMERB the 30 days, and the average is 2 weeks or less.
It pays to stay on top of things until DoDMERB has the paperwork. We had similar problems getting the paperwork from the contracted medical center to Concorde. Once we saw online that Concorde closed out the exam, we called DoDMERB to confirm they had received it since their website had not been updated to reflect that. DoDMERB told us they do not update their website until all the work is done on their end.

Good luck!
I just need to vent a bit. Dodmets has never received the report and has told me 3 times that they would call the medical facility. The medical facility told me that they have sent everything in and that nobody has called them - but then again maybe they called and talked to somebody else.

I'm taking names, but need a margarita. Exam was 4 weeks ago today.
Some fun stuff to look forward to! Concorde is a handful sometimes. My daughter has been requested to take a pulmonary function test; well concorde was sending us to a facility that does not have the equipment necessary to complete the test. How do you like that? I am glad i doubled checked. They corrected the issue. Besides the fact that we have to go to Timbucktu even though we live in a very populated area, they do not seem to be on top of things. I will take preventive measures when we go there and maybe ask them for a copy of the results so in case they lose them we have a back up.....
momoftwins - eeekkkkk!

Ask them to send the results to your daughter's physician.
They will get them in a day or two and can explain the results to you.
I was so clueless 3 years ago when we went through this with our daughter. We thought a disqualification meant that she was definitely not going to West Point. :rolleyes: We finally figured things out. I've learned a lot and find myself to be clueless all over again. :confused:

RetNavHM, thanks for the pm. I'll follow your advice. :thumb:
momoftwins, eeeeeekk! from me, too! Good thing you double checked and RetNavyHM is here to help!!!
Thanks to everybody for great ideas and for the pm's I received. There was an intervention today and the facility faxed the report to DoDMETS. Now the fun part can really start. I think I better practice mixing those margaritas. :biggrin:
Who has time to mix margaritas? These are the times that call for shots of tequila (with maybe a little salt and lemon)....:shake:

Thanks for letting us know the forms have been sent!
DODmerb lost my d's concorde report; we had to back to the facility to get it corrected. Now, after an appointment, providing remedial information, waiver requests (going on 4 mos) they want a PFT with histamines. I think that the delay as well as the passage of time might be systemic. My D has more patience than I do. I would rx that she tell the academy they can have their appointment and take one of her other scholarships. :rolleyes: She wants to take the test and see what happens. Anyone know of risks associated with the Methacholine tests? Is it pass/fail or is it measured in some other fashion?
thank you. I will pass along to D and see what she decides to do.