Parachute Team


Dec 30, 2017
Does anyone have any idea about tryouts for the parachute team? Things like when tryouts will be, what they’re looking for in new members, number of applicants vs. accepted, etc.?
Hey there.

They usually hold tryouts a few weeks after A-Day. You will find out more information on the details during re-orgy week when they have Club Night. As far as what they look for, it's a combination of physical fitness and potential. They will have you go through a grueling physical assessment as well as an interview with the current team members. When I was still at the Academy, I remembered them having 50+ applicants during tryouts; by the end, there were about 5-7 people that made it.

I agree with the post above -- the parachute team is extremely competitive and a huge time commitment. Once on the team, they expect you to participate in every single practice throughout all four years. The team also practices during breaks (winter, spring, etc). However, being a part of this team is a great opportunity to get your jump hours in, connect with a great group of folks, and do something that's uncommon to many people your age.

Let me know if you have any more questions!
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