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Nov 17, 2008
My son will be heading off to the USNA in July and I was wondering if there are support groups for the parents of these up and coming Midshipmen. This has been an amazing time for us to see and watch the progress of our son and to follow that of others on this forum. My husband and I are so proud as parents, but we realize that our son will be far away and that visits home will be few and far between.
We are in Colorado and would love to talk to other parents in our area or any where else.
I am not familiar with the Naval Academy, but I know that for USAFA there are literally dozens of support groups, even in places like NJ. So I am sure that there is a USNA support group in Colorado.
Wow, Congratulations! My son has received a call and certificate from his MOC telling him his USNA appointment is in the mail :) We are Maryland parents and are glad to meet you on this forum! Your son is a remarkable young man, as are all of the candidates on this forum, I have "chatted" with him in the forum chat room. You are right to be proud of him :)
Thank you. We are heading out next week for him to spend his 36 hours. ( Sorry forgot the abbriviation) and he will give his official acceptance. My husband has family in the area that would love to sponsor our son and we will meet with them next weekend. Congratulations to your son on his appointment when it arrives.
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Have you asked on the NAVY forum here? I think you'd get a lot more info about Navy Parent's groups there than on the Air Force forum. Just a thought?