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Jul 25, 2007
just received a letter from the parents association and wondering if there's supposed to be a self-addressed envelop enclosed
might need a little more information before that can be answered. did they ask for something in response, did they want money...etc. I can see them not putting one in there to save money though even if they did want a response.
Received the same letter; they asked us to fill out a survey and return it prior to 1 July. No envelope either. :frown:
Sorry about the missing envelope folks. Should you need the address to send the form to, you can contact the KP Parent's Assoc. at:
I have a feeling they left it out on purpose, but I could be wrong. You could always just send it back to:

USMMA Parents Association
300 Steamboat Rd.
Kings Point, NY 11024

everything with the 300 steamboat address will eventually get to the right person.