Patellar Dislocation


Oct 18, 2015
Hi all!
I am filling out the online medical history questionnaire for the DodMERB and I had a question about a past injury, I had a patellar dislocation in my freshman year. My knee has not bothered me since then, not even through track and cross country. Since my knee is not an issue for me, am I obligated to mention it in the medical history?

Thank you!
And one more thing. I wear orthokeratology lenses to help correct eyesight. I understand that these need to be removed a certain number of days before the medical examination. Does anyone know if the requirement for ortho-k lenses to be removed is 21 or 90 days?
If you were diagnosed with a patellar dislocation, you must disclose.

Ortho-k time frame I saw somewhere in the Dodmerb site, but ask your technician for a time frame.